IPMI over IPv6

One of the great server technologies for Out-of-band management is IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface),  and more importantly version 2.0. This version allows for a true IP/KVM experience for the user to manage their server remotely. My preferred server hardware is from Supermicro for cost and features. For this example of IPMI available on IPv6, I’ll use their X7SPA-HF Atom based server board using the ATEN IPMI chipset.

Let me start by saying this IPv6 implementation is far from perfect, but who to blame: ATEN or Supermicro? First, you cannot configure IPv6 in the BIOS menu at all. You’ll need to configure it via the web software after you can reach it over IPv4. So log in and select Network under the Configuration menu.

So on this page, you’ll see all the network configuration options, most importantly IPv6. This implementation appears to support configuration either using SLAAC (autoconfiguration) or DHCPv6. You can also add a static IPV6 address. HOWEVER: you cannot manually configure an IPv6 default gateway/router. This means you are relying on the availability of Router Advertisements on the network to autoconfigure the gateway/router address.

So that is pretty much it. Not terribly hard to get up and running on IPv6, but could be done a little bit better in my opinion. It would be nice to see IPv6 configuration at the BIOS level.